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The Usage of Liquid Termiticides

There are many different ways and degrees of machineries to deal with termite infestation inside your home. However, there are only a few of those methods come close to perfect efficiency. One of these very effective methods is the use of liquid termiticides which are as well the most commonly used termite prevention method in establishing and established households. There's no question to its effectiveness. However, there are certain things that one should take into consideration first before availing liquid termiticides to deal with the termites in your house. These considerations should be crucially underscored as they could mean the difference between effectively dealing with the problem and failing. Therefore, it would be wise to know first the advantages and disadvantages of using liquid termiticides in treating your household in order to prevent termites from ever invading and destroying your properties.

In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of liquid termiticides will be discussed and explained extensively and thoroughly in order for the reader to comprehensively know how to manage the usage and/or application of the method. One should also take note that no method, device, or treatment is one hundred percent effective by itself. The human factor is always constant. The functionality of the methods would always depend on how one would effectively apply them by using his or her logic and creativity, as well as resourcefulness. If any of these factors are missing, then any amount of tip, no matter how presumably effective it is, will not work. Apart from reading from this article, it would also be wise to consult professional pest (termite) exterminators for any expert advices when applying the liquid termiticides. Not only will one take into consideration the optimization of the method but as well as the safety precautions of using them. There's no way of saying when accidents strike, that is why it is best that one be fully prepared for it.

Liquid Termiticides

First and foremost, let us have an introduction on what are liquid termiticides and how they precisely work in preventing, controlling, and or exterminating termites.

In many households, liquid termiticides are used as barrier treatment against termites, in order to control the infestation that has probably taken place by keeping the termites away at the onset. The treated area is usually circumferentially surrounding the house to ensure covered perimeter will never be breached. The liquid termiticides would typically work in two prongs: to provide an obnoxious scent to termites in order to discourage them from ever invading and killing those that attempt to penetrate the area.

Typically, professional pest termite exterminators are the ones that utilize liquid termiticides due to elaborate procedures needed to apply them, which of course is inherent to anyone whom, have training or experience in applying the treatment. Nevertheless, amateur usage is still not discounted just as long as the user is properly briefed or guided with the application. There are quite many different types of liquid termiticides in the market today. Liquid termiticides like "Demon" and "Prevail" are amongst the repellents widely used by expert exterminators for its effectiveness in keeping the termites away. They are known to establish a considerable distance from your home to any invading termites. However, no matter how seemingly effective these treatments are, there will still be unprecedented possibilities of infiltration due to unforeseen circumstances. The possibility of soil transference due to certain circumstances of human intervention i.e. soil relocation, erosion, etc. When this happens off the record, termites will grab the opportunity to immediately infiltrate the house through the gaps in the parameter caused by the aforementioned factors.

There are other liquid termiticides in the market that ensue a much harsher effect after treatment. Liquid termiticides such as "Phantom" and "Termidor" would allow the termites to infiltrate and pass through the treatment and come in contact with the liquid. They do not kill the termites instantly once it comes in direct contact with the liquid; neither do they repel termites from entering. What they do is that they allow the termite(s) that have come in contact with the liquid to carry the chemical back to their colony and there the termiticides would take effect by eliminating the entire population of the termite colony.

While these types of liquid termiticides are normally expensive in a rate per treatment, the upside however, outweighs the former disadvantage as they have shown a great deal of positive output in dealing and controlling termites. Due to its "genocidal effect", the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has then conducted studies concerning the potential negative impacts on the fragile ecological balance. However, the studies concluded with no substantial results relating to mass damage to termites' ecological standing. Such methods are indeed a major breakthrough in termite control and elimination.

Still, no matter how advantageous liquid termiticides may seem, it is unavoidable to have certain setbacks in it. So that you will be able to gauge the potential of liquid termiticides, here are brief pros and cons of its usage.


1. Liquid termiticides will definitely provide immediate protection to any establishment against termites.

2. Liquid termiticides have long lasting effects. Effects could last as long as several years depending on the quality and potency of the liquid.

3. The usage of "genocidal" termiticides like "Terminador" offers a solution to gaps in treatment perimeters that allow termite penetration.

4. They are relatively inexpensive compared to any other forms of termite control and elimination methods.


1. Liquid termiticides can be utterly dangerous if applied near water passages or deposits. The risk of contamination is high. In this case, in order to bridge the gap, baiting methods can be used to appropriate the untreated area(s).

2. Drilling hassles may be incurred if deemed necessary to show evidences of termite infestation.

3. Liquid termiticides will potentially have eventual gaps over the years as you may never be able to keep track of the parameters all the time. When this happens, it would open an opportunity for termites to infiltrate the household and it would become considerably difficult for any expert exterminator to deal with. Infestation issues might still take place at some point.

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