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Keeping Termites Away With Sand

Issues concerning termite extermination may definitely cost you quite a lot especially. It gets especially costly when you have decided to take things on your own, without expert counsel or guidance because you would have to go through the lengthy trial and error process before you can ever get the ultimate solution to your problem. One thing is for certain though; you are looking for a potent and effective deterrent to keep those termites away from coming into your house. But what could be when all things buyable in the market would definitely hurt your pocket considerably, even if some of them relatively cheap in different respects of application? You would have to pursue the ones that would almost not cost you anything at all. The question now is what is that termite deterrent method?

If you are out looking for the cheapest yet very effective pest termite deterrent, you need not to look further as the answer can be readily seen before you if you try to understand its nature better. This effective termite deterrent is sand. Yes, believe it or not, sand can provide your household the protection it needs against any termite infestation. If used properly, its effects in garrisoning your house from termites can par even effective commercial termiticides. And the upside is that, it is utterly cheap compare to any termite control and extermination methods available in the market. The reason why sand is a very effective termite deterrent is because termites cannot tunnel through sand. Sand then became quite popular to many household owners whom were acquainted to the effects and effectiveness the method. Since termites use their mandibles to create tunnels through the ground, they could only accommodate certain sizes of grain to lift thus they couldn't create termite colonies with sand.

But will the sand method work every time?

Actually, there are a number of individuals whom have found the sand method ineffective. The reason it is so is this.

Size Matters

Size is a very important consideration when applying the sand termite control method. Size dictates the method to work or not. You have to make sure that the sand grains aren't too small, otherwise, they might just be a perfect fit to the termites' mandibles and will be able to lift them over and tunnel their way through anyway. Make it a point to find sand that has bigger grains so that the termites wouldn't be able to move them along as they pummel their way through. An expert will be able to help you in distinguishing the sand you are about to purchase. He or she will be able to tell which sands have larger or smaller grains; hence, you will now know which type of sand to purchase.

Sometimes, sand may look to have large granules, however they are apparently riddles with smaller ones and this could become a setback in your termite deterrence approach. Termites will be able to break the riddle and reduce the granules to smaller ones and this could definitely compromise everything that you have worked for so far. Also, if your sand grains are riddles with smaller granules, it would leave openings that could become passages for termites to penetrate through the sand barrier and still make their way into your house. This would also mean, even if you have spent quite less on purchasing the sand you had for termite barrier, you would still end up wasting your investment by nullifying the sense of having the sand at the first place. Make sure that you acquire sand that has definitely larger granules so that termites will never be able to make it through any possible seams or cracks within the sand that you may not be aware of.

Seek Help If Deemed Necessary

If you think your personal attempts haven't been working out too well for you, it may not be such a bad idea to seek professional or experts help to install the sand barrier into your house. Employing professional help basically means you eliminate flaws in installation as much as possible. It ensures that the sand barrier is properly placed in the appropriate locations so that the termites will not be able to get through in anyway. You have to understand that a single gap created by a flaw in the installation of the sand barrier is all it would take for the termites to penetrate into your household. Termites happen to have instinctive keen senses that would enable them to detect openings and grab opportunities to infiltrate just to get to their goal of finding food source. Your house just happens to be the next nearest available depot of food and they will do whatever it takes them to get to there.

Having professional help would also entail a package inclusive if regular routine inspection before, on and after the installation of the sand barrier. If you extend your purchase of professional service package, extermination routines can also be availed. Yearly fees often include prevention methods as well. If you purchase an entire year package of professional termite extermination services, you will be able to save up more money rather than spending on individual inspections. Individual inspections often have relatively higher rates compared to having an entire year package. This has been a common incentive to any termite extermination companies once you avail of their professional services.

So now when you happen to have termites threatening the peaceful and safe-living environment of your home, you now know what to do in order to deal with them. Knowing what you will have to do in case these problems arise, will ensure that you will no longer have to worry eventual property damage caused by feeding termite colonies. All you have to fully understand is that no amount of termite extermination expenses will outweigh what you will lose if there is an infestation going on inside your house. Repairs for a termite-destroyed property is just mad expensive and you really don't want to have this instead of hiring professional termite extermination services.

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