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Cost of Termite Extermination

The exact cost of a termite control service cannot be determined unless the entire property to be treated and the method of control have been clearly identified. However, estimates can be made through various common factors like the approximate size of the building where treatment is necessary, the types of termites which are to be eradicated and of course, the severity of the termite infestation in the property.

Most termite-infested properties only need to be treated once (there are some properties that need a re-treatment but such cases are very rare). But this does not mean that those who make a living from termites are not earning enough. In fact, the entire termite-control industry has already earned as much as two billion US Dollars over the years. This should give you an idea that professional termite control is not that cheap. Here's a rough estimate for each type of extermination:

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Chemical Extermination

Chemicals are commonly used by exterminators to kill termites. The cost of a chemical extermination is priced by linear foot, that is, the house floor area is measured and the owner is charged with the corresponding price. Typical US houses measures about 150 linear-foot (about 1250 square feet), resulting to a rough termite treatment cost estimate of about $1300 to $2500 depending on the type of chemical used and the material used in the construction of the house. That is about $9 per linear-foot.

Bait Extermination

Home-owners will be given by the exterminators' different options to take as to how they want their homes to be treated. Some home-owners are not really comfortable with the use of chemicals, so exterminators devised the bait method to cater these customers. The method can be a little bit more costly that the previous one because the exterminator has to really learn some special skills in order to execute the extermination properly. The lowest bait extermination cost is about $1500. The cost can rise up depending on the type of bait used, as well as the material used in the foundation of the house or building.


A full-building termite treatment is called fumigation. In fumigation, the entire building or house is sealed by a tent-like outer covering. Gas is then pumped into the building for a complete coverage. Since fumigation involves the treatment of the entire house, its cost is based on the volumetric measurements of the house too (in cubic feet). The cost of fumigation is almost the same with chemical extermination, about $1200 to $2500 for a 150 linear-foot house of average height.

Heat Extermination

This method is relatively cheap, although many exterminators do not recommend this treatment because there is no absolute assurance that all termites are exterminated through heat since some might have already become resistant to certain heat levels. The treatment costs about $1200 for the same size building size as presented in the previous examples. To bigger buildings, the price almost does not change.

Microwave Extermination

For small areas, termites can be controlled using the microwave system developed by the modern-day termite exterminators. Alongside their microwave system is the use of an electronic gun that stuns large numbers of termites with just one blow. The cost is about $1000 to $1200.

Apart from the cost entailed by the actual service, there are additional costs which should be taken into consideration. These are:

1. Insurance

Some companies offer insurances to their clients. These are very tempting offers because the insurance might only cost around $200 to $400. The insurance is renewed on a yearly basis and within that insured year, the termite control company is responsible and accountable to every termite that continues to nest in your house. A $1200 or $2500 worth of services may be covered by the $200 or $400 worth of insurance.

2. Extra Effort

There are states where houses are traditionally built on floating slabs. This structure makes it more difficult for exterminators to reach the soil foundation of the house, requiring them to drill into the slab and pour in the chemical or bait needed for the extermination. This process takes more time to complete, not to mention the extra skills that the exterminator has to possess. For the extra effort, the exterminator might charge an additional $200 to $500 dollars. But you do''t have to worry so much about the sudden increase; to compensate for the price increase; the exterminator will most likely give you a one year guarantee.

Different Company Pricing

The cost of each termite control service often varies from one company to another. Termite control companies often do not ask for the same amount because these companies compete with each other. It is good to note that these companies are always open for negotiation, in most cases, the price that they give you the first time is not always the lowest price that they can give. Try to compare prices and negotiate your way into the best deal that you can possible get.

Since termite treatment is supposed to be a one-time job, the main objective of a reliable termite control company is to satisfy their clients so that they may become "ambassadors" of the company; probably telling one friend to another about the good service they got from that or this company. You should take advantage of this fact and do not hesitate to ask for discounted deals to the termite control company that you are about to hire.


Keep in mind that the cost given above are not really exact, the figures are rough estimates and they are simply given so as to give you a heads-up about the way termite treatments are priced. It is still best if you contact several termite control companies and ask their customer service representatives about the promotions that their companies offer and the price of the different termite control services that they offer. You can easily find their contact information in local telephone directories or you can refer to the Federal Pest Control Association for the list of termite control companies that legally operate in your state.

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You can request for free quotes from any local Termite Exterminators and get the lowest costs.
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