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Top Preventative Measures Against Termite Infestations

Termites are amongst the most destructive bugs on earth. They may not carry diseases that are fatal to human lives but they can they destroy a human abode in a matter of weeks depending on what type of termites is infesting the house. The most voracious of all termites can viciously consume a pound of wood a day and that would vary if there is a multitude of termites inhabiting the colony. There are termites that could have colonies 5 million strong and could virtually cohabit with you somewhere in your property. You can do the math already with that said.

However, according to some recent research, most types of termites do not exactly dwell in residential households. Only the most common ones like the eastern subterranean termites and ground termites are most likely to inhabit and infest a household. They are slower in wood consumption than the other contemporary types of termites like the Formosan subterranean termites which could munch wood up to a pound per day. It is highly probably that these types of severe wood eating termites would dwell in forests, far from residential private properties, therefore a lesser propensity for people to fear the possibility of having a total property breakdown. But still, one can't be too overconfident about research found statistics as there would always still be a possibility that they could find their way into residential areas and cause havoc and destruction. One would still have to be very careful with termites and should do the necessary precautions as early as possible to thwart the potential presence of termite infestation.

Formosan termites are more destructive than the other types of termites. They highly voracious wood eaters and they could consume to even more than a pound of wood per day depending on the strength of their colony. A hundred thousand - strong colony could almost instantly reduce a wooden household in a nick of time. Although, studies indicate that they are most likely to thrive on natural environments, contrasting that are the report accounts of them being found on regular residential households causing damage beyond belief. One shouldn't take that risk of possibly having them around. Therefore, precautionary measures are still strongly encouraged.

Now, let's talk more about preventive and or counter methods in dealing with pest termite infestation. There are little known methods or ways in counteracting an already ongoing pest termite infestation. This is because of the fact that termites are really difficult to control once they have started out a momentum of wood feeding-fest spree. Nevertheless, even if there are only a few, there are still ways. However, that shouldn't be an initial option or path to take when dealing with termites. The best way to go in solving termite problems is still through prevention. Prevention will ensure you that you will never have to suffer from needless property damage in any degree. That's why it is still highly imperative for a homeowner to execute preventive measures in dealing with termites. When it comes to termites, the earlier is always the better.

With that said, let's talk now about the preventive measures on dealing with pest termite problems that you can do first hand.

There are actually many ways in how you can prevent the invasion of termites inside your house. Some of them would entail quite an amount of effort and some of them would require less. Although the options with less effort would consequentially mean that they could possibly be less effective but the individual effort to optimize each method could spell out the difference of the method’s effectiveness.

Here are some of the best preventative measures you can choose from in order to keep those termites away:

1. Synthetic Wood

Although this is a long shot method in getting rid of termite invasion possibility, not to mention the potential cost consideration of the option, this would still prove to be an effective way in not inviting termites inside the house. As termites naturally feed only on genuine organic wood, if you furnish your house's infrastructure with synthetic wood, termites would be less interested to do anything to your house. However, your wooden furniture's safety doesn’t count but still the deterrence to termite infestation is still present. If you want, you may have non-wood furniture at home as well, but that’s completely up to you.

2. Regular Exterminator Checkups

It is said that the effective mean prevention is through detection. If you do have wood parts in your house or it’s entirely made up of wood, there's just no saying that termites will never attack your house as the possibility would unavoidably stand. Therefore, regular routine checkups for early signs of infestation would really help a lot in immediately addressing the problem in case there is indeed an infestation inside the house. It helps to curb things before they go worse. By then you will have ample time to prepare by researching for means on how to prevent termite infestation as well as how to deal with them.

3. Borate Treatment

Treat the wood parts of the house with borate solution upon construction. Borate solutions are effective termite repellents and could truly get rid of termites for a very a long time. Most houses in US are applied with borate solutions upon construction in order to prevent termites from invading the house any time after constructions.

4. Chemical Barriers

Like the borate treatment, this is another chemical treatment approach to prevent termites from infiltrating the house. This requires the usage of termiticides to insulate your house from termite invasion. Liquid termiticides are trenched on the soil and around the house. Given that the treated soil will remain undisturbed, the treatment is said to last for as long as 5 years.

5. Termite Baiting

Is another popular method that has recently gain acceptance to a lot of homeowners nowadays. There are a variety of termite baiting methods available. The rationale of this method is essentially to lure termites away from your house by placing baits outside of your house. Wood bait is one of the termite baiting methods being used by many people. It is also an effective way to detect early signs of possible infestations.

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