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More About Salt Usage as Termite Control Method

Many people in the world are looking for the most organic of ways to deal with most of the chore problems inside their house. Be it garbage disposal issues to pest control methods, people are always more often than not, finding the most conventional natural ways on dealing with the problem at hand. Well, you can't blame people for being like this considering the amount of damage the environment, the ecosystem has already suffered. Just a little more push and the system will fall right into the edge and life as we know it finally dawn to end. We humans would probably be history and that is if there will be anyone left to things into account anymore. Finding the best "green" methods in dealing with household chore and issue is not just becoming a trend these days but an arising necessity in response to the world's environmental issues. This is a way to encourage everyone, especially those who are indifferent about this huge planetary concern to take part and becoming proactive in saving our degenerating mother earth.

The same thing goes as well with dealing termite infestation problems as it is a household chore in itself. Any house would need to deal with termite problem at some point in time and it would be best to make it a point to use natural methods in addressing it. Of course there are a lot of commercialized termite control solutions out there and indeed they are very effective in executing solutions, however, the more effective and more commercialize they become, the more endangering they are as well to the environment. Toxic termiticides are often chemical based solutions that can definitely kill termites but could also dispirit your garden. Some brands could even produce greenhouse gas by-products that can detrimentally harm the ozone layer. This has been so dire that at some point even the government intervened and banned some of these brands that harm the atmosphere.

However, effectiveness isn't always contingent to how commercialized or potently toxic the material is. The alternative to such harmful approach is simply finding the solution that deals with a specific aspect. And when it comes to this part, if you are not critical and resourceful enough, it would be difficult for you to come up a creative solution. When you say creative solutions, is simply means at least not purchasing the direct products right away. Instead devising and improvising a solution of your own which will make things more cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

In the previous articles there have been tons of recommended methods offered to you delivered in a tip outline. In this page, you will be reading more about the usage of salt to address the termite infestation problem in your house. You would have probably already heard about borate solutions. Salt or brine solutions for termite treatments are somehow related to this methodology as they function in the same manner. They are even compounded to become more potent treatments against termites but at the same time still uphold the environmentally conscious essence.

The idea of using brine and borate solutions to deal with termites is probably derived from how salts can kill snails and slugs. The same process basically works with termites when salt is integrated to their system. But how does salt exactly work in killing termites and other animals alike.

The Process of Salt Fatality

The answer can all be summed into a single word - Osmosis

The process of osmosis is the process is simple the transference of liquid from one place to another. It can also be thought as the transition of concentration through a permeable boundary or membrane resulting to water equilibrium in both parts. Osmosis is the process that takes place in termites, slugs, snails and other animals that they die out just being in superficial contact with salt.

These types of animals normally have high percentage of water content in their body. Also, they have exoskeletons that are super permeable covering more than half of their entire form.

Since salt acts is a natural desiccant, once it comes in contact with animals or insects like termites, slugs and snails, the desiccant’s concentration increases in the exterior part of the insect. While this is happening in the exterior, the decrease of water concentration in the interior is also taking place. This is all taking place because the invasion of the natural desiccant has caused an imbalance in the liquid equilibrium of the subject's body. The natural response to this is to balance is back, which is why the concentration from the interior going outside. Since, this type of animals, have super permeable skins, the process of osmosis would be taking a straightforward pace.

The equilibrium may be eventually achieved, but losing that much water inside the subject system is indubitably naturally fatal. Of course, the insect would literally die out of dehydration.

Why Use Salt?

It's a no brainer to deduce that salt is highly cost efficient in any way it can be applied, salt solutions are also utterly environmentally friendly while being very effective at the same time. Salt doesn't produce when greenhouse gasses that can definitely harm the atmosphere neither will it by product any toxic wastes that would potentially harm the environment. There are also no known risks to the human system with salt. Whether in crystal or in solution state, salt remains to be completely harmless to anything apart from animals such as termites and alike. On top of that all is the sheer and utter convenience of accessing the substance anytime you want. Since salt is normally a food condiment, it can be easily found in your kitchen cupboard and use it at any time deemed necessary. Mass usage of salt due to severe termite infestation would require a different level of accessibility. However, nevertheless the question of accessibility is just simply out of the question. This should be more than enough to convince you why you should use salt in treating termite problems in your house.

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