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Methods of Termite Damage Repair

When talking about methods of termite damage repair one should understand that even if some termite exterminators say that only their methods work fine there are plenty of other interesting and rather effective methods that can give each and every one of you good results. It’s not something related to hidden or secret knowledge. These are just some cool do it yourself techniques that work quite fine when trying to get rid of termites. With that being said we must warn you that every technique that you learn on this site related to how to exterminate termites is just for the informational purpose only and we are not responsible for your actions. However, if you follow the guidelines carefully and do every step that we mention in our articles there should be no problem with what you are doing. It is just a matter of time till someone gets the necessary experience in order to get rid of the termite infestation himself or herself and avoid in the future calling a good termite exterminator that unfortunately charges a lot.

Methods of termite damage repair are quite unique for every person out there that wants to get rid of them. Every individual has his own approach towards termite extermination and that is why so many different ways to kill termites exist. If you ever wonder either you should call a termite extermination company or just do it yourself then you have two options. First of all, if you have the necessary money you can easily and best of all call a professional termite exterminator and also just take care of your own business while he or she does the work in your house or on your property. The same issues can be applied to certain things that are done for the reason of anticipating the secondary effects that your own termite extermination might have on your wooden house or property. That is why we do recommend calling a good termite exterminator and asking him to reveal you some methods of termite damage repair. In other words, invest in your knowledge on how to get rid of termites in the future. It is something extremely useful and you should know it quite well. Free termite inspection?

Now if you are wondering how much does a termite inspection costs, then there are a lot of things that have to be analyzed before stating that. First of all it is not the cost that really matter (well it does but please don’t understand things in the wrong manner). There are certain things that have to be understood quite well if you know what kind of issues are there to be promoted and which is the right manner of doing things. While you are searching for an expensive service from termite exterminators it doesn’t necessary mean that they are professional.

That is why it is better to know what you are doing by developing a plan and inform yourself by gathering all the possible knowledge about how and what kind of help do you need. If the company that you appeal to has a great reputation then it is necessary for you to be able to provide that kind of content for everything that gathers the issue of deleting it from a list. However, if the agency is well known and has a lot of positive feedback then you can be happy that they agreed to help you because this time there is nothing wrong with doing that you do and that is going to be appealing for that kind of termite service and tools. They are going to help you get rid of the termite problem once and for all and even more they are going to explain you, in case you ask, the best methods of termite damage repair.

Another often question that people ask is the fact that most of them know somehow that they are being infested by termites but can’t get it going and are not sure just because what they see, feel or just notice isn’t necessary for a good statement via the fact that their property is truly infested with termites. Did you ever ask yourself what is the cost to repair termite damage? How do I know if my house has termites they ask. Well in such a case you should take a close look at your furniture, at the wooden structure of your house (if you have one and of course to other important things that deserve to be researched. It is not just about either you have termites or not, it is also about getting rid of them. That is the most important aspect.

For more information about how to repair termite damage visit Victor's website.

This is all that we wanted to say about methods of termite damage repair. Take care and see your termite issues solved soon.


I'll definitely do everything possible to share quality termite extermination information on this blog. However, if something is not clear, I urge you - for any additional questions or comments about how to get rid of termites, e-mail us at termite.extermination[at]gmail[dot].com

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Alpharetta Termite Services

Termites are considered pest, and a very problematic one. If you had any termite infestation issues by know you already know what we are talking about here. In most of the cases people that think that a termite invasion is nothing important more or less then we have to say that they are thinking somehow wrong. Back in 1999 when we worked at the Alpharetta termite service company we always thought that we are doing a great job by helping people to get rid of termites.

As a pest control company specialized in termite extermination we were pleased with the work we were doing and the feedback that we receive during our attempts to help people with their infestations. In other words, as people couldn't manage for a good period of time to get rid of termites on their own, Alpharetta termite services would come into play and only then they would get there and help people achieve the same type of results but by doing that professionally. Nowadays, it is a highly searched services. People have head of it's great potential and because of that everyone things that it's time to realize that something can be done and there are a lot of termite exterminators that can help you.

In this post we are going to tell you a story that happened to us a long time ago back when we arrived in USA and worked for a termite extermination company that had great results. Nowadays, we are located in Australia, Sydney. We are retired, our crew is no long helping people get rid of termites. And that being done we would like to do something interesting ourselves. No matter how this is working, we are still going to retell you this story because we thought it would be interesting for people to find out more about Alpharetta termite services as this the only experience that we had working back then with them.

It was happening back in 1999-2000 and during a seminar where the main issues were talking about the new well developed methods of mass termite extermination that everyone was very excited about. However, one someone from our crew at Alpharetta asked the question how is it going to be with the secondary effects that people are going to suffer because of these issues and how do you plan to solve this as soon as possible? Is it something that people can live with or does it require a special attitude and control in order for people to handle those issues.

That was being mentioned because the termite pest control methods that they were talking about required a lot of skills and in most of the cases it had to deal with some kind of chemical substances that were so smelly that those could actually make termites stay away from your home for a few miles away. With that being known even back then we were against it and discovered that this might something that wouldn't go tricky until someone starts posting some questions in order to uncover the truth about it and how it works in the first place. This is nothing that should be done just for the sake of it. People needed answers and we at Alpharetta Termite Services didn't want to purchase something that is against people's health and not even something that is related to pest control issues.

We were then controlling the seminar and by attacking those guys who offered us those chemicals we would easily prove that more stuff like termite fumigation techniques even if those are old could work much better and with that in mind it might be something that has to be done in a way or another. Don't you spread the word about this they said and didn't want to talk about this any more. We understood that our protective intentions of getting rid of more scams that we trying to push some products on do it yourself termite extermination that simply didn't work out. This is something that you have to praise us, the guys from Alpharetta termite services about :)

Nowadays, knowing the termite control companies are everywhere and most of them aren't using that kind of stuff that is very accurate and that they are willing to do everything possible just to gain the necessary results we wanted to write this post because while searching through the internet we couldn't find anything related to this case. Even the site that is number one in the main search engine in the world is clueless about what happened back then with their company and how Alpharetta termite services helped those other people and companies manage to get rid of those products that offered nothing more then just something that had been proved no to work so good with exterminating termites colony in your wooden house or basement. Now are still very excited as this is the first post what so ever in the internet that is willing to talk in details about that case and if so many of you still don't understand what is going on then something must be done for the time being. It requires a lot of interesting issues to be there to prove that we did a good thing back then.

As a former termite exterminator we recommend you not to use any chemicals if you want to do that kind of stuff in your garden or in your house. Then is nothing worse then being intoxicated from something that you yourself applied but just because of the ignorance you are dealing with lately couldn't figure out if it is something good or bad or does it require a lot of interesting manufacture or care. We had a lot of cases during our life time experience when people while don't really know what to do with some chemicals and might even have problems because their dog eat something that is not in the right place or even something like cat or children so please be careful.

This is the story with us while working at the Alpharetta termite services! Hope you enjoyed it.


I'll definitely do everything possible to share quality termite extermination information on this blog. However, if something is not clear, I urge you - for any additional questions or comments about how to get rid of termites, e-mail us at termite.extermination[at]gmail[dot].com

Michael R.

Altlanta Termite Inspections

Without bothering too much we are going to start and reveal something extremely interesting about Atlanta termite inspection. First of all we would like to mention that we know so much about how termite inspection works in Atlanta because we have a few friends there that are also termite exterminators and because of that we are often communicating with them. They reveal a lot of quality secrets about their methods and ways of getting rid of termites and exterminating them using chemical free products and in today's posts and the future ones we decided to ask them for their permission to publish some of their great methods that they use in order to kill termites or get rid of them once and for all. Ever since our work is so related we considered that it might be useful for people to be informed about what is really going on here and being some kind of writers we thought why not blog about in one single post about Atlanta termite inspection and maybe make a small comparison with the free termite inspection that we are offering in Australia.

We are all human beings and we don't quite like to be invaded by termites and our house being damaged by these creatures that is why more and more people are doing all that is their hands to prove that some methods are working good and without those you could actually start and make a certain amount of do it yourself termite extermination work in order to improve your own skills of termite extermination. Even since childhood we were fascinated by different types of insects and when we felt that there are a lot of cases all around the world (but mostly for people that deal with termites in Atlanta) we decided that some measures have to be taken and both with my father went working at a pest control company that was doing mostly termites at that time - termites being the major problem and now they are.

These days, if you analyze some interesting factors you can actually see that people don't have a clue about what to do when they see a termite in their house. Some of them might think that this is something that they shouldn't care so much while others start to panic so hard that they don't manage to call a termite extermination company in time and end up with the termite infestation up their whole basement, house, etc. It is very important to be calm in such situations because people all over the world are looking for solutions to fight with termites and kill them or simply push them away from their property.

As for those that live in USA and want to find out more about Atlanta termite inspection we are going to say everything that we know about the guys from the inspection that are professional termite exterminators and our close friends. They can give you any type of advice and coaching and can even do the work for you but that is going to be a little bit pricey. If you think that you can afford that you can actually pay them to do the work and estimate a review of a price and payment for the whole process of exterminating termites and meanwhile to watch what their methods are and simply note something down from time to time and start to realize what is really going on. If that is ever going to happen we are going to be happy and announce you a type of issue that you will benefit from in your quest to get rid of termites once and for all.

Any type of company in the city of Atlanta that is doing some kind of termite inspection can be considered a termite inspection company. Even those small agencies that are set there just to provide information for everyone that is currently looking for destroying the drywood termites are fine. Be aware that formosan termites are also a big pain and pretty rather dangerous insects if treated unproperly. The exterminators from the company that we know in Atlanta are experts and they won't let anything dangerous or bad happen to your house as long as you announce them of the potential danger and they take action in time.

Otherwise, if you call them and start only explaining the situation and what is really going on after the termites are everywhere in your house's walls then in such a case the process of pest extermination is going to be a little bit more difficult and for such mistakes you'll have to pay more. Sometimes in life you just need to give what you have to give in order to make it happen once and for all. Do not try to save money on important issues and that is what things are there to happen for especially when dealing with termite extermination companies that are doing inspections for free and for some kind of free it really doesn't matter now the point is that they are doing good for the people in need and this is all what is life is about in the end.

People that are currently looking for answers related to what is Atlanta termite inspection after all are going to find in the end but our main goal for this post and whole blog is to teach people those basic concepts about termite extermination that are going to help the throughout the whole process for their entire life now and it doesn't really matter as long as you have the knowledge assimilated in your help no one is able to take that away from you so easily. Is it possible to take it? Yes! Is it necessary? Not really. So with that being said right now during this post about Atlanta termite inspections we are going to finish soon and go for a rest because today all day long we have searched new potential ways of termite entering a house at my wife's sister.

Even though I'm finally retired and want to find something to do and not run after termites trying to catch them and to help people around there are still good friends and family that want us or even me to give them some kind of good piece of advice especially when they are being a little bit infested by termites. Australia is a big continent and being said that termites are mostly there - it is a high possibility rate that what is going to happen is there just for the sake of dealing with what you have to do. Nowadays people are distracting their huge potential of do it yourself termite extermination and that is not really helping them achieve that kind of information that they are really looking into dominating from all point of views. From that kind of stuff, and from time to time we are going to give phone calls to our friends in USA the Atlanta termite exterminators that have some good information to share with you right now.

Exterminating termites is not an easy thing to do. We have been getting rid of termites using all the possible methods in the world for the last couple of dozens of years and are a little bit of sick and tired of doing it but for Australia it just needs work and work while if you are in Atlanta and working with a good young crew you can actually destroy all the potential termite colonies that are breeding in that area within a few months of good research and forget about it sooner or later.

With that in your mind it is necessary to prove the world that if they aren't going to make it real for all the people to get help for free nothing is going to change into the good part. Still a lot of people don't want to believe in the cost to repair termite damage as they are trying to learn about how to use home remedies against termites in Atlanta but in most of the cases it fails because you start to do a thing in which you have no experience whatsoever. All the termite control companies in Atlanta have one single goal. To help you achieve good results and at the same time help you get rid of termites once and hopefully forever.

Today's post is not so long but it revealed the basics and everything one should know about the possibility of asking for help at the guys working at Atlanta termite inspections.

Wishing you a free of termite year 2009!


I'll definitely do everything possible to share quality termite extermination information on this blog. However, if something is not clear, I urge you - for any additional questions or comments about how to get rid of termites, e-mail us at termite.extermination[at]gmail[dot].com

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Atlanta Termite Bond

A bond is basically the contract that you'll get from your local pest control company that moment when you accept and grant them direct access to your house's termite invasion problem. This belongs to your daily termite extermination experience. This is one of the terms that you have to know in order to be able to put into practice the methods mentioned in the previous posts. If something goes wrong than it means that you are missing something. Reconsider it and perform another attempt. From time to time you need to revise your old bond so that termites won't spread through your property and mess things around. That is why we recommend doing everything that is possible in order to avoid termite infestation in the future.

A lot of termite exterminators who are working for different pest control companies in Atlanta have mentioned that hey had a lot of issues with termites in that region and that know they are continuously searching for new ways, techniques and methods to implement and change the way of viewing and helping people to get rid of termites. This is something that has to be rather explained in a whole article because you don't want something related to termite colony invasion to happen to you these days. Please take into consideration what we are going to talk about in this article and make sure you do everything possible in order to learn as much as you can about Atlanta termite bond.

A lot of our readers have been lately asking about us writing a post about termite bond. Unfortunately we haven't had the enough free time to do that and only today when we woke up in the morning and noticed that the activity on this blog related to how to get rid of termite and termite infestation and extermination issues is being a little bit slower then the questions from users and comments and feedback that we receive on usual days we decided that it is the best time to start and post something related to the termite bond issues - and now when this is the best time to post some interesting ideas about things related to bonds in general.

So it seems people in Atlanta are having a lot of termite problems with infestation and they don't know what to do about it. Well in this case they should be thinking about some issues related to cost to repair termite damage. Why? Well in most of the cases the stuff that you are promoting here is just and has a lot to do with determining the issues and relation between people and insects especially termites. We guys, dear ladies and gentlemen live in Australia, Sydney and we have some problems with coming to USA, Atlanta and have a look at your property because you are complaining of a termite infestation. A lot of pest control companies that are doing in most of the cases only termites, meaning that they use techniques like fumigation in order to post something related to methods and the best ways of getting rid fast of termites or any other pest (bugs and insects).

Termite control companies are everywhere but can they really help you if you are infested with termites and located in Atlanta? What is the best reason to visit those companies and ask for pest removal issues and even sign a contract with them. In most of the cases you are just going to have one of the professional members invited in your home for a free termite inspection but that is all. You are going to pay him if you want any advice with Atlanta termite bond. There are no game issues. You are going to need to do that stuff even if you don't need to work hard on it. It is what it is even now. Termites are everywhere. Be aware that you looking for the best termite exterminators for you problems to be solved. You'll have to look for the answers yourself because we are far away from USA and the localities near by and it is very hard to supply you with answers related to pest removal and control and destroying of the insects in that region. It is quite hard so please do not be mad on us. So if you are wondering what the heck is this post about if these guys don't really want to offer us free information about termite bond in Atlanta?

Still, even if the older articles that can be found either on this blog or on some other resources on the web we have talked about how to do certain things and because of that we are now promoting nothing expect some our experience old school advices related to our own ways of exterminating termites and that is why this is something that has to be done in a way or another like you are going to continuously suffer from infestation, invasion and dry wood termite issues if you do not take any measures right now. No matter what happens you are still going to need services of a good termite exterminator.

If while talking about termite bonds you still ask yourself can termite damage be repaired in a house then you are doing things right. This is the same piece of information and news about termites that every person out there that is having some kind of termite problems especially with Formosan, flying termites or just dry wood termites that are going to destroy your house faster then you are going to realize that something really not right is going on. You can do that, yes you can, it's all about how to exterminate termites on our own. There are a lot of accurate termite pest control inc and firms and agencies that are looking carefully for your own termite problems but in most of the cases it is something that you are going to search for yourself. These people are good at what they do but if you want proper results you'll have to do the homework yourself and that is basically the answer for the Atlanta termite bond in the first place too. Nothing really important happened to this, you just have to make some decisions from time to time that are really into things that are generation some kind of questions and answers for the same as you can actually find out a lot of good and useful pretty things from doing your research properly. If you are doing it yourself (DIY) and looking on forums for what is going on and that people might be quite qualified to offer you proper individual results then you are good at it.

Experiencing termite infestation and looking for answers and quality stuff (meaning a lot of good online information related/relevant) it means that you are in the right place. Even if the blog is quite young and we don't really manage to follow up everything that is being said about stuff that is going on we still need and think and support every private termite investigator out there that can offer you good answer for something like in case you ask him Drywood termite signs and what are those. You spotted some flying insects in your house or outside it and you are wondering are those termites or some kind of bugs more familiar with ants. Well it is good that you are asking yourself such questions because in most of the cases people aren't. So you want to kill termites by using termite bond in Atlanta, right? This is the main reason why we are now writing this. Because you just wanted to make it happen and find everything for free on this blog.

Pest termites are a category of pest that is related to different kind of termites some of them are called Formosan some of them are called dry wood and they might be flying or not. However, looking for the right interaction and conversation with a termite extermination company can be quite an issue but in case you are doing things right you should be experiencing the right answers and that is because they are now working for your safety in your house and teaching your do it yourself resources.

While telling you everything we possible know about Atlanta bond for termites, even if we live in Australia and have nothing to do with the termites you people are having problems with in USA it is still a pleasure to ask you more about termite ants and swarmer termites. Our colleagues from Houston made it possible by opening for some time a good Houston termite consultancy company where they offer great advice for people looking for a termite identification issues for their problems. We are talking only about organic termite control otherwise it has no reason to promote something that might damage your garden and make you suffer afterward. We care about the information promoted here for your readers and this is what you can do for realizing that stuff promoted inside the house for everyone out there. Thanks for taking the time and reading the good piece of information about Atlanta termite bond. And if you aren't here for that kind of answers we can actually bet that you found something interesting while browsing through the pages of this blog.


I'll definitely do everything possible to share quality termite extermination information on this blog. However, if something is not clear, I urge you - for any additional questions or comments about how to get rid of termites, e-mail us at termite.extermination[at]gmail[dot].com

Michael R.

Cost to Repair Termite Damage

As we mentioned in our previous articles, termites can cause a lot of damage to your house and if you are not aware of what is happening you can end up pretty soon finding out that what you have been doing in order to improve your house for so long can actually be destroyed in a few months by Dry wood termites if you are quite ignorant and don't pay attention to what is going on with your wooden house. Cost to repair termite damage usually varies and is compiled by a lot of factors and that is mostly because more and more people are not aware of the fact that there is a huge competition between termite control companies that are looking for new ways to promote their services. There are many aspects that you need to take into consideration when trying to calculate the potential damage provoked by termites or a whole colony of termites to your house and that is the key of offering the down time results to your whole life activity. It is well know that you can't just start now and learn how professional termite exterminators are doing it but nevertheless there are some interesting issues that you must take into consideration if you want to achieve the same results with what you are doing and what is generally happening to your house due to an termite invasion.

If you are constantly looking for more ways to save money when dealing with termite invasion you are going to soon find out that there are a lot of stuff that you haven't been paying attention to in the last couple of years and that is because the Formosan termites are very dangerous for your house and wooden home structures. A lot of termite exterminators these days tend to tell you things that are not always true as they are looking for more and more ways to get their clients going without termites and at the same time finding more work to do. Getting rid of termite is their job and as long as there are termites out there the cost to repair termite damage is going to be pretty high, but in most of the cases it is all depending on the type of termites, the difficulty of the job and other not so important aspects as the region where you are located and if you are in Atlanta for example and the extermination company is located outside the town then you will have to pay some extra fees if something urgent is going on and you want it to be done pretty soon.

We have spotted different termite invasion cases during our work time experience for the whole life and we can say that dealing with different types of people is in a way or another pretty interesting because everyone thinks that getting rid of termites is an easy task and everyone can actually do it. Why it is not and you have to pay proper attention to the activity of these insects for some time now, especially if there are any subterranean termites that are breeding or just building a colony inside or underground of your house structure. If you are looking to purchase a house that has been previously invaded by termites there is a big chance that you could get that house already damaged and a proper inspection let if be a free termite inspection maybe with your attorney related to the termites issues must be done as soon as possible before your sign any type of contract what so ever. With that stuff in your mind you must do everything possible in order to achieve that state of things which is done to a level of experience for the most people out there that have encountered this type of things before deciding to purchase a property that has been affected in the past by Dry wood or Formosan termites.

You should pay much attention to cost to repair termite damage when buying a house damaged by termites because you could face some unpleasant issues especially related to things that you never have seen before. First of all you must understand the dangers behind what you could do with that kind of money and if you are willing to invest in a termite extermination company just to make sure that you house is being protected then you should do so. Sometime saving money on pest control is something quite stupid because you can face the viceversa aspect of the same thing a little bit later just like a chain reaction. When dealing with termites you have to make sure that you run a good inspection performed by a nice and well prepared company that is having it's primer issues pest removal and have the latest yet good and organic pest control chemicals. We are not going to expose the average cost for termite treatment because we pretty don't have the right to do so, but if you are willing to find out as much information as possible before ever calling a termite extermination company (which in fact you really should be doing right now) then you are good to go. Each time you design a house and imagine how happy you might be with your family in there and why it is so good for everyone to become free of stuff and thoughts and the future of your beloved dear family is in that house - well you should know that there is always a potential danger from several types of termites in Australia and United States of America, especially if you are dealing with that kind of stuff and now want to make it happen for the time being. As long as there are persons that care Atlanta termite inspections is going to be providing good results. We aren't going to make it for you each time you are looking for the same answers but these time the purpose of the cost to repair termite damage post is to open your eyes to several possible aspects that might damage your house and make you feel like you have lost everything.

We aren't talking today about carpenter ant flying winged termite because there will be future posts where we are going to examine each individual type of termites and tell you how you can, while doing it yourself with house home private methods of killing and exterminating termites to do that stuff just in order to build and be aware that a consumer report on termite treatment is possible and you should know how to do it as soon as possible. People all over the world are suffering because the termite exterminators aren't doing their work properly but on the other hand it is quite impossible for the to do it because there are so many cases of termite infestation everywhere and it is hard for them to manage to help all the people out there and solve all the termite extermination cases in the world. With that idea in your mind you should learn how to pay attention to other very important things related to this and now we are going to explain something that is related to a special case of Formosan termite research New Orleans.

A friend of mine who has been working with us for a very long period of time and is considered a good specialists especially in Atlanta and other major cities and towns across the United States that are quite affected by termites just to be sure that things that are promote by the New Orleans termite companies are not so true as they seem to be. If you really want to learn how to get rid of termites yourself you should pay attention to every possible aspect of pest control and insect control when dealing with that kind of stuff now. So we were talking about my friend that wanted to call a termite extermination company but he ended up not doing so because he remembered some good tricks and tips that we have been using while working for pest removal company with Formosan and Dry wood termites for a long time now. Yes, he remembered some good old DIY techniques for termite removal and started to apply them all together. Soon, after some months of set and forget issues he almost stopped thinking about the presence of a breeding termite colony in his living room, meaning that it was not exactly in the living room but under in the basement but still in the past he could see some of the termites just sticking around and provoking some serious termite damage to the things that he have been doing that time already. If you are now searching for that kind of information you should be paying attention and close attention to what is going on here.

You might want from time to time to find out more interesting information about fill in blank termite inspection forms but it won't be necessary since every piece of information and articles about termites that you need to find and can be easily found on the internet and using that kind of information and resources that you can easily find and spot on this blog about what you were looking for (of course if it is related to termite control and pest issues). You should be constantly thinking about how to exterminate termites because it is a never ending process and for those of you who are leaving in New Orleans or Atlanta it is a serious matter for taking into consideration now.

Some people are wondering "do i need a termite bond" - of course you do. If the termites are present in your home and you don't know what to do then you need a termite bond. It is that kind of stuff that takes into consideration all that you have done to be protected against termites and sure enough you are going to see some progress from time to time just spotting some of the most interesting and effective aggressive termite control out there. Why do we call it termite control is because people know how it is like to exterminate and kill and have the job done with termites and if you aren't there to help then nothing is ever going to be on with that kind of stuff, ever. Yes, some of the good old school termite inspectors are using heat for termite control and it has a lot of good effects and results all over the world but you should know how to deal with that kind of information especially if you are new because you might accidentally burn your house down. This is not fumigation and you should be careful with what you are doing. I have read on a forum where someone asked can termite damage be fixed. Of course it can be fixed and not only fixed a lot of interesting and important issues can be done to a house that has been previously damaged by termites. It is real people and as long as you know what to do and how to do it everything is going to be okay.

Please let us know if something can be done more for you to find out maybe something that we forgot just to mention when talking about cost to repair termite damage.


I'll definitely do everything possible to share quality termite extermination information on this blog. However, if something is not clear, I urge you - for any additional questions or comments about how to get rid of termites, e-mail us at termite.extermination[at]gmail[dot].com

Michael R.
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