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Effective Termite Annihilation

For so many years of driven industrialization, pest infestation has been a common problem for household owners but the most compromising insects capable of enormous damage to almost all kinds of structures are the termites. Unlike other pests, the damages caused by these insects are not brought to humans directly but to our properties. They do not even cause us any fatal diseases. In fact, the ones that could possibly make us sick are the insecticides and other chemical substances formulated by different companies that promote manageable termite extermination. For this reason, we are highly advised to seek help from termite control specialists rather than engaging ourselves to manual annihilation of these insects which usually ends up to failure and further damage either to the health of the family members or to the infested structures being mishandled.

Upon facing a pest dilemma caused by termites, however, we usually consult the internet or household magazines before calling on the professional termite exterminators and we are eventually provided with various articles on how to be efficient in termite control. There are a lot of extermination options offered to every household owner wary of having termites in their own abode and most of us go on trial and error first before finally deciding to ask for professional help. Fearing that the problem would become worse and uncontrollable, a lot of people do the extermination process in too much haste that they fail to efficiently get rid of the termites. To put it up easily, we are going to discuss five procedures that make up the effective obliteration process of termites without being so unnecessarily hasty about it.

1. Locating Termite Colonies

The first step requires keen observation from the household members in order for the colony or nest to be located. You could look within and around your house for tell-tale signs of the presence of termites like wood dusts, termite wings lying around, shelter tubes, damaged structures or even a single termite could be an indication of a massive number just hidden in likeable places. To start with, look for any weak spots and this means the wooden areas of your home because they are the most probable refuge for these insects. You can also check the basement, the attic and the garden. In doing so, you need to be patient and determined enough because not all colonies are readily visible so you need to track down any signs that you see. For instance, if what you have found are the wings, the colony is usually just near the discovery site so you have to be very meticulous in searching out all corners within the area. Wood dusts, on the other hand, may require you to check on the walls and other wood structures further because the damage is typically in the inner surface of the structure. You can check on any bulges that may serve as an indication of a colony built up inside. If you have found shelter tubes, you need to track them all down because they eventually lead to a nest or colony. Nevertheless, there could be more than one colony in your territory so seeing one does not necessarily mean that you have already done your tracking assignment well. You need to be thorough and there should be no signs disregarded.

2. Choosing the Best Extermination Method

A lot of articles may give different recommendations on methods about how to get rid of termites at home. A lot of magazines advertise termite control products that could be manually applied as well. Regardless of the wide publicities and advertising, the best and the safest method is to lay back and let the professionals do the tricky job. You can find them in the internet, magazines or even newspapers. Termite control services are widely available and there are a lot of companies specializing on them. They may cost higher than any manual methods but they could surely deliver assured results. With regards to their trainings and knowledge about termites, these specialists would be the ones to decide on the best techniques to be used in annihilating all existing termites in your area. They also have scanners and other devices that could further check the house for any possible colonies undiscovered yet when you went through the initial step. Moreover, in finding a suitable service for you, do not let them go.

Sign up a contract with them so that you would not need to go through the hassle of looking for professionals once you need more help in the future. Termites could be very persistent insects and they are surely not that easy to get rid with. Before you know it, you have a new colony somewhere in the house starting to cause damages again. Therefore, do not stop seeking the help of the termite control experts unless you are already 100% sure that the problem is gone.

3. Protect Your Home

It is a common knowledge that termites basically feed on wood but it does not end there. They also feed on plastics, papers, clothes and anything that is cellulose-based. Therefore, their appetite is almost unvaried. They eat 24 hours a day and they cause rapid progress on the damages they have started within your home. Nevertheless, you have eventually found their colonies, call the experts to exterminate them and if you think you are safe from termites already, you are gravely wrong. You are still susceptible to termite infestation unless you do something about it and the best way to face it is to termite-proof your whole territory; the house and even the garden. Dispose any soft and damp wood structures that are no longer needed. It is better if all wood structures in your house are made of the hard kind since they are not easily infested by termites. In addition to that, as what most of us have already known, termites need moisture in order to survive so it is highly recommended that there should be proper water disposal at home. Look for water leakages and seal them. If there are any water build-ups, dry them out. Moreover, you could annually inject borate (an EPA registered substance which has been tested and proven as safe for the health of the family members) on walls or spray a generous amount in your garden. If you want to be more cautious, consult the termite control experts on how to more effectively protect your home from termite infestation. To avoid getting a bogus service, get only the licensed specialists or ask around to compare service results.

You may have noticed in our discussion that termite control professionals play a great role in eradicating these pestering insects. True as it is, we could not terminate a termite infestation with a 100% effectiveness on our own. We could actually find so many advices from a lot of sources on how to manually deal with them but none of those methods could provide us the utmost efficiency because one way or another, not all termites would be eliminated. We need the help of the experts to locate even the most hidden colonies and to safely exterminate them without harming the health of our family members by using unnecessary chemicals made popular only by fancy advertisements. We could do our own roles in the eradication process though. Homeowners could greatly contribute on the whole process especially in the first and third steps. It is not all for the credit of professionals but to us, concerned household members, as well.

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