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Termite Inspection Houston TX

Yesterday I’ve had a very interesting trip to Houston, TX. There are some old friends of mine there that say they have serious termite infestation problem. When they called me the first time, I told them that I’m not at that age to travel a few hundred kilometers by car, during summer. It’s not something that I would do right now. After mentioning this, I told them that they better try to seek help from professional termite extermination services that are available in Houston or Texas, somewhere near. Well, this was not meant to happen. My friends are extremely ambitious and they simply don’t want to listen. Read further to see what really happened?

After our first pretty long conversation that was for approximately forty minutes, they still were against trying to find some professional termite pest control solutions somewhere near. Most of them charge too much and we don’t trust them, they say. After finding this out I tried to research the termite control scene in Houston and discovered that there are some decent pest eradication companies in those regions that could really give these guys a hand in need. But my friends don’t want to listen. Well, I have to admit, their most serious reason was that they know that I worked for a long period of time as an expert termite exterminator in different termite control companies across USA and that they could easily trust me.

You know, it’s not really quite pleasant when close people contact you and ask to explain how to get rid of termites. It something rather frustrating, especially if it’s hot outside, you are retired and all you want to do all day long is stay at home and rest while doing something on the internet, preparing some meals and sleeping. What else can an old man do at my age anyway? But still they don’t want to hear my story. They know I’ve got a car, they are sure that I’m going to help them get rid of their termite pest infestation and make something special in order to keep those insects away. Well, of course, twenty years ago I could have done that easily but today I’m just that lazy that I don’t want to do anything at all.

So after discussing and analyzing all the possible options I said to myself what the heck. Let me go to Houston, I haven’t been there for ages, plus I really missed the Craig’s family, one of the oldest friends I’ve got. This is how my Houston termite inspection began, yesterday, June 19th, 2009. I went to my old dusty garage and searched for all my old termite extermination tools. I’ve compiled them all in a bag and threw it in the back of my truck just like in old good times. After a few moments I felt that I was back at my job at that (name excluded) termite control company. I felt better even though at the first sight I didn’t want to go to Houston.

As my friends called early in the morning, I was up and running at 10 AM. The road to Houston took me approximately 5 hours. I drove calmly, without rushing the gas pedal. Everything went fine. The Craig’s still lived in that old house in the center of Houston. Basically nothing changed, except the fact that time passed. You could see the same old stores as twenty years ago but a little bit renewed. After meeting with my friends they invited me in their house and asked to remain at least till tomorrow, so that they could exchange some words and talk about life. I seriously told them that I was here on business and that I don’t really have time for discussions, then we all laughed. It was really fun. I decided that I would remain at them till tomorrow and being the termite inspection early in the morning. You're a true termite inspector, they said.

The next day I woke up very early, at 6 AM in the morning. I got all my termite inspection and extermination tools and I started to inspect the Craig’s house; first the basement, then the garage, then the attic, the roof, and everything that was “inspectable”. Well, what can I say? I spotted a few termites and exterminated them immediately with a good old termite poison but nothing special. No sign of a dangerous termite invasion like they were talking about. Anyway, I’m extremely happy that I’ve seen my friends after twenty years. This is how my termite inspection in Houston, TX happened the other day. Now I decided to remain one more day in their house and here I am typing this from my laptop, for my usual readers.

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