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Termite Extermination Poison

If you want to know how to get rid of termites you have to learn more about termite extermination. However, the main problem is the approach. There are plenty of methods these days and people simply don’t know where to start and what to learn. Some people are confused because they don’t want to ruin something in their house. They want to do it attentively and carefully. When dealing with termites, it is very important to take it easy, especially if you are working with different kinds of toxic repellents.

In today’s post we are going to talk about some different kind of poisons that can and are widely used by people that are suffering from termite infestation, either in their home, apartment or generally on their property. We are going to mention the pros and cons of using termite poison for getting rid of these insects. There are many aspects that one should know and today we are going to make everything possible to share all the relevant information regarding this matter.

From our previous experience as termite exterminators we can say that there are two main types of termite poisons available that might be used as a method of termite control. Basically we are talking about termite sprays (toxic repellents that can be used in places where you usually spot termites and where they appear from) and poisonous food for termites (a less known method and technique) that is used to feed the termites and to bait them in order to kill later. The second method might be questioned by nowadays professional termite inspectors but when I was young we used this one to bait termites and then used tenting or fumigation to get rid of them.

Both termite extermination techniques with poison that we mentioned in the previous paragraph are perfectly tested. However, you guys should understand that as time goes on new opportunities, technologies and ideas appear. There are plenty of new ways to kill pest insects these days. Most of them are a part of the old ones while some are totally new and waiting to be tested. Treating termites with poison is an old method and approach. It might not be as effective as most new methods but it truly works if done right. So how does one do it properly? How to successfully use poison in order to overcome the termite problem?

There is an option of baiting termites with moisture wood (almost rotten and easy to be regurgitated) that is poisonous. Termites love that smell and will all gather in a matter of hours in order to devour their favorite food. This technique is mostly used in order to limit the surface that has to be fumigated and usually home owners manage to gather termites in one less extended zone and exterminate them. You can find this kind of poison in your local hardware shop or store but you should know that it might be a little complicated to apply it because you have to get the wood first, then apply the poison, then wait for it to have effect and only after that use it for termite baiting. It might take a while. However, if you have the necessary patience then there is nothing special. Just read the instructions and ask the shop manager for help in case you simply don’t get something.

Using repellents and termite poison in order to get rid of this pest is possible and no one can say something about this. However, as mentioned in the previous posts on this blog, we still have to explain people that there are two most important priorities when a respected home owner stumbles upon this problem. First of all one has to make a decision. What is more valuable - time or money? If we are talking about time then you have to invest and hire a professional exterminator of termites that might even help you with the poison you purchased or you could order a whole fumigation process of your property (also called termite tenting). However, there are individuals out there that are always trying to save every cent and for those we have to offer the possibility to run their eradication campaigns on their own. It’s all up to you folks, but don’t forget that termites can’t wait any longer. They are going to attack soon, and they need food!


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