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Termite Extermination Tools

What kind of tools do usually termite inspectors use in order to locate and get rid of termites? There are so many of them these days and their importance is quite crucial if you don’t want to fail with your termite eradication decision and all the stuff that you are going to apply after you decide what kind of infestation you are dealing with and what should be done.

The most effective termite inspection tools that are available these days are basically the infra-red ones that can surely tell you what is really hiding under the ground of behind the concrete walls. While the traditional methods are pretty hard to apply and quite time consuming, the new extermination tools available on the termite pest control market these days are extremely efficient and will offer you the best results ever.

A professional inspector knows what a termite eradication means and he is going to do everything possible to lead to a good end his inspection treatment so that he could write a detailed report about the level of infestation in his client’s house, apartment or property. This is extremely important as a lot of people want to know what is really going on in their home. If you can offer you this piece of information consider that you got one more client in your database.

The most valuable aspect of nowadays termite tools is the fact that it offers the unique chance to monitor spaces where human beings can get into. Termite inspections of any modern and old structures are very hard to achieve due to different inaccessible areas and gaps in walls and foundation. If you realize what termite extermination is all about then you probably realize that an expert is limited to checking no more than 20% to 50% of the structure. This is a small percent because there are cases when you cannot find the exact termite location.

The termite tools that we are talking about offer the chance to inspect the other 50% to 80% percent of the structure that is basically impossible to without any special instruments. There is a huge list of tools that can be used for such work and today I’m going to mention only a few of them so that our readers have at least some idea about what is really going on. (Note: A termite spray is not considered a termite removal tool)

One can discover the existing moisture problems with the help of the “Infrared Thermal Imager”. There are different types of tiny cameras that help to see what is happening in different gaps in walls and scopes that can focus the image and obtain clear photos and video recordings. These cavity cameras are widely used nowadays. However, it is necessary to perform holes in your home’s walls for inserting it. This is the only minus of this termite removal product.

And of course the famous termite tool is the listening tools that can be used to check if something weird is going on behind the walls of a certain structure. “Chewing”, as most professional exterminators prefer to say can be easily heard if you have enough experience. This is it, you should insist on the full explanation of the termite inspection and of course check your hired inspector to make sure he is doing his job decently.


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