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Termite Extermination Pesticide

I can bet that most of people that had at least one termite problem in their life thought about termite extermination with the help of different pesticides. In fact, this is what everyone are taught and told during different advertisements and superficial pest control seminars. In this post I want to reveal you folks a few real aspects of termite pesticides and what should the majority of you that are currently trying and struggling hard to get rid of termites know about.

Yes, termites can definitely be really destructive. However, before running out with a big bottle of dangerous pesticide or repellent and a spray and starting to spread and contaminate everything possible you should think about the fact that the residues can and will probably last for a very long time, both in the soil, the wooden structure of your house and in the air. Nowadays, professional termite companies focus on implementing pesticide free termite pest control methods in their arsenal.

The main goal when you are hired to help people get rid of termites is to make termites disappear and keep them away for as long as possible without using a strong (chemical based) pesticide. This should be a very valuable priority these days for all the people that want to have a pest free house, not only the exterminators that got used to it. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, these days, less toxic methods of termite eradication are available and people should not worry too much about not being able to find any good resources. There are plenty of them.

The first non toxic termite control solution that we need to mention in this post today is the fact that as the majority of you probably know about, the best alternative is generally prevention. Before acquiring a house or moving in to a new flat, one should carefully study the potential of being infested by termites. If you are living in the United States of America there are huge chances of stumbling upon termites. Be extremely careful because sooner or later it might happen. When building a house from scratch, don’t let the wooden foundation touch the soil directly. Nowadays it is possible to install different modern metal shields and sand barriers to prevent termites from penetrating to your house walls.

However, if you wake up one morning and discover that you are sharing your house/kitchen or office with unwanted guests then it’s probably a good solution to hire a termite inspector. There has to be someone in your region that deals with such issues. Find him, call him and hire him. You should also strive to convince that person to use less toxic pesticides if he is going to perform some kind of termite proofing actions in your house or on your property. Even though they are experienced and know plenty of methods, your will is still their command. So take attitude and tell them what you want.

As you probably realize, it is not always advisable to use a strong termite extermination pesticide when cleaning your property, house or any other building or structure from termites. By the way, the main purpose of this post is to encourage termite prevention as one of the most important do it yourself termite treatment.


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