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The Positive Aspects of Termites

Making it a Point to Save Termite Race

Every time you see termites around in your house doesn't always necessary mean imminent ultimate destruction. There are other few positive things to it. You just have to creatively work your mind in deducing what are those things that make termites positive in households. One way to do that is to know that since termites feed on wood, if there are any scrap woods in the house, you might as well feed it to them. Just still make sure though that the termites are just around the house and not "inside" the house. Otherwise, it wouldn't be scrap food that they will be feeding on but your entire household. In order to somehow domesticate termites, you have to make sure that they are just nearby. Probably around your crop areas if you happen to have one.

Another advantage of having termites is that they do a lot in cultivating and nourishing the soil such that it will become highly susceptible for crop and vegetation. Termites aerate the soil causing an easy flow of oxygen right in to the vegetations' roots. Termites also make sure that organic materials that lay on the ground, i.e. animal corpse, wood parcels, withered leaves, etc. are easily degraded. Once they are broken down, they will in become minerals in the soil and of course, nourishment to your plants. That's truly better off than leaving animal corpse to rot and stink around your house or leave pile of wood logs around which will eventually become home to serpents and other poisonous bugs. That's truly not a good thing by then.

You see, there are actually a lot of invaluable contributions that termites do to us humans and to the entire ecological system than we readily know. Had we taken the time to research about them, we would have known these advantages and would have probably made a good use of them. Since only a few people know about their advantages, only people have truly benefited from them and at the same time became true friends with termites, while the rest of us, continue on killing and destroying the apparently vermin of the house. There is actually a clear and present danger when it comes to indifferently and nonchalantly destroying termite colonies.

Of course there is an indubitable immediate need to get rid of them when they are inside, but it's absolutely a different story if they are just outside, living peacefully in their colonies and far from the possibility of ever invading your home. If they are just sitting there and if you know that your house is very well treated with anti-termite treatments, you don't really have to go the extra mile of delivering Armageddon to the poor peacefully living termites. You have to be kind to them instead and probably even make use of them like what was mentioned earlier in this article. That way, it is a win-win situation for the both of you, where you and the termites have benefited from each other.

Why Preserve Termites

There are two major things actually why a person shouldn't just go on killing termite colonies and becoming trigger happy about it. One major reason it would destroy the natural order of things, relative to the role of termites in the ecosystem. Second is that the cultivation of a trigger happy attitude will possibly result to the destruction of their species to the brink of extinction. Either of the two things is not good at all. If the termites are eliminated in the system, who knows what sort of disaster will befall upon us when the imbalance will take place.

There are also other minor reasons why one should preserve termites and one of the reasons is because of their advantages to vegetation soil. If you miss that opportunity to use them, you may not be able to benefit from their incentives at all and it would be a sad loss on your part. Another reason is not doing what you really don't have to do. Not only do you exert a wasteful amount of effort, you also strike havoc to peacefully living creatures. God wouldn't want you to do that kind of stuff. Really!

The Amazing Termites

Despite from the fact that they do well in properly cultivating vegetation soils, there are also other things that you should be amazed of when it comes to talking about termites. One of those things that you should be amazed is the fact on how they strive in existence and how they naturally behave in their society.

Yes believe it or not, a termite colony is actually formally called a society. The reason why scientists have considered termite groups as society is because of their behaviors in accordance to their group. Termites infallibly conform to their roles which make them a highly stratified, systematic and organized being, thus making a highly uniformed society. Termites are by far considered eusocial creatures, along with ants, bees, and wasps which all exhibit a very similar organization behavior with termites. Eusocial creatures are actually higher creatures of the entire animal species strata in terms of organization and system. In fact, termites come in first than humans in terms of harmoniously living with each other in a group or society. Human beings really have to learn a thing or two with termites on how to properly organize societies and communities.

Another very amazing termite fact is that despite the common understanding of people to them as destructive creatures, in the contrary, when they are in their natural habitat, they are actually highly constructive creatures. Ironic it may seem but termites are very efficient and effective engineers of their own mound; using only saliva and other bodily liquids, they can create an entire city inside their mound, fully equipped with very specific tunnels and passages that lead to designated areas. A passage would lead to the queen for the reproduction purposes of the colony; another would lead right back into the tunnels of colony construction, while other passage would lead to their food resources.
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