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Two-Faced Termites

Termites are two faced creatures on earth. They can be both constructive and destructive at the same time. But they can be more of the other characteristic depending on the given situation or location. But one thing is for certain about termites are that they are indeed endowed with superior survival instincts that have enabled them to live all throughout time. Termites have existed long before the dinosaurs have lived and up to until their species have remained strong, even stronger to the extent that they have virtually outnumbered humans to a thousand to one. Imagine this: The combined weight of all the termites in the world will exceed the combined weights of all the human beings in the world. This is how great their numbers and how overpowering they have become over humans. There are even some cultures in this world to address termite existence with reverence acknowledging them as superior creatures among all the other creatures on earth. Come to think about it, if the entire termite race would take drastic measures to overpower humans, they could very well do so and we'll be swarmed with termites to our deaths. A termite colony alone can destroy a household within only a span of one week, how much more if there will be more than just one colony that will attack? Imagine the entire termite colonies in the world staging an attack to human race. The plague and famine we will have to undergo is just unconscionable.

However, that theory is still highly fictitious and until that time it becomes reality, humans are still the most superior beings on earth and termites are just one of our bug subordinates. Still we have to keep them checked in order ensure the safety of our own household. As we all very well know, they are quite harbingers of destruction and havoc to any residential household. There is still more reason for us to be careful in the presence of termites and when they infest.

Nevertheless, when we talk about termites, there should be two sides we should take into consideration of since there are two sides to a termite’s existence as what was mentioned at the first part. Let us first discuss the negative side of termites in this world and how they detrimentally affect human beings in the process.

Negative Side

Well, this part is a no brainer to us since we all already know how destructive termites can be. But for the sake of a thorough discussion and comprehensive understanding to the nature of termites, it is best that we talk about their negative impact to human habitation and society.

The negative side to termites is that they destroy a lot of things especially if there's a lot of wood in it. Since termites feed mainly on wood, they would naturally devour anything that has wood. Say for example your house. The house in itself contains enough wood to sustain an entire termite colony. That’s why termite infestations could always occur within a residential household.

The property damage that a termite infestation could incur could be quite unimaginable and considerable. If you happen to have mansion for a home, then you might just lose a lot of monetary investments over a termite infestation.

At sometimes, they don't only devour commercial residential households; they also destroy natural habitats like trees and consequentially forests. A massive termite habitation within a forest area could eventually devour the entire place until there's nothing left. You must consider as well that termites don't only feed on wood but as well as many organic materials such as soft parts of plants which are prevalent in forests. This is how damaging termites can get.

According to statistics, the quantitative amount of damage that termites cause every year is greater than all the earthquake, storm, and fire damages combined. Every year, termites incur millions of dollars in losses that if summed all up could potentially be a considerable amount enough to defray a huge portion of national debts.

As of today, there are many innovative ways that are used to deal with termite infestations efficiently; to ensure that every household is safeguarded from any potential termite attacks and to prevent the possible losses to be incurred. It is greatly imperative to use preventative measures like wood treatments before the house is constructed and established. This way, termites will no longer be enabled to penetrate the premises of the household for a very long time. However, treatments will expire and eventually and you would have to renew them. Make it a point to assess the treatment's efficacy after some time since the initial treatment to know whether you would have to apply treatment again or not.

Positive Side

No matter how destructive termites can be, they also have positive sides in them. It's just that we are not normally acquainted with it. However, if we take a closer look at termites, we will uncover as well as unravel the wonders of termite existence. Termites are actually amazing creatures.

Termites are actually highly constructive creatures even if they do destroy tons of wood every time. In terms of building their community they are very amazing constructors. They can build mounds that can reach as much 6 meters high from the ground. And the height isn't the only thing amazing in the termites' mound; the interiors can also be quite an eye-candy to a truly appreciating eye. The passages and tunnels within termite mounds are highly designated that each entry would lead to chambers of particular purpose to a termite colony. And to think that they're only made out of their own saliva. Termites are just simply amazing.

According to recent researches as well, termites are send to be sources of organic biological fuels. Their guts are said to produce compounds that can be used as renewable fuel resource.

The most amazing part with termites is the fact that they are highly organized. They are termed as eusocial creatures of their highly systematic structured system that even surpasses humans.
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