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Termite Extermination Bonds

It’s impossible to talk about termite extermination without mentioning what a termite bond is. There is no rocket science behind it. A termite bond is a special termite protection agreement or contract with a certain pest control company that provides the required help in order to get rid of the pest you are dealing with (in this case termites).

With the help of the termite bond that you sign when addressing with your problem to a termite pest control company, you have the opportunity to ask them for a free treatment of inspection in case these insects reappear again on your property. The agreements that we are talking about here are pretty common in most of the states across USA.

We consider that it is a pretty good idea to obtain one of these contracts if the termite control company that you are working with offers them. A termite bond exists because many pesticides and termite eradication treatments are temporary and I bet that you don’t want those nasty insects to visit you again from time to time. In most of the cases, the effectiveness of a certain method depends on your local weather conditions and the soil of course.

Most termite inspectors claim that something that one family or house can rely on for five or six years can easily expire on your property in just one single year or even sooner. That’s why a termite bond in case of emergency is really important, sometimes even crucial. Basically it is impossible to predict how long your house will be secure after fumigation or any other termite control method.

As we mentioned above, a termite bond protects you in case termites, these unwanted and uninvited guests come back, looking to bring more destruction. It’s simple as thinking about termite bonds as about having a termite insurance policy or something similar. While the majority of the termite bonds offered by pest control companies provide only free treatment in case termites come back, there are exterminators that will even pay you the repair damage in case it appears.

The company that I personally worked for such a long time, called "Best Termite Inspection in Los Angeles" offered a free annual inspection for all our clients that signed for a termite bond. It all depends on the company that you are having an agreement with. Each of them has their own rules, policies and offers. A good and reliable termite bond usually varies between $100/year and $1000/year. Most of the companies are going to insist on signing long time bonds in order to offer you a discount.

It is not quite easy to offer people any kind of advice when talking about termite bonds. The reason is that each company makes their own and it’s hard to predict their requirements. However, you can definitely have a good deal with them. The main positive aspect is that having a termite bond is much cheaper than paying for termite destruction repair.


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